The Hidden Track offers the following services:

Full management
You run your music, we run your business. You call the shots, we suggest your direction and navigate.

From single shows to a complete tour, we know the venues, we know the festivals.  We know where to book your show.

Promotion (album, tour)
You want to have your album reviewed in a music magazine, news paper of play your song on the radio? You think you have something to say that might be of some interest to other people? Let’s have an interview published! Getting some press coverage is a difficult job these days as the competition is enormous. The Hidden Track has build up an intensive relationship with the Dutch (music) press and offers album promotion, but tour promotion as well.

No publisher offers the same set of skills. The Hidden Track works with several different publishing companies. We listen to your set of wishes and try to find the best match. 

Artist advise

A lot of artists and/or bands don’t have management, but do have the need to sit down with an experienced professional every few months to get advise and get direction. Simply to hone plans with a realistic view on your product, to gain knowledge and experience to get you to the next level. The Hidden Track can help you with:

  • Organization setup of the act/artist

  • Strategic advice

  • Career plan

  • Release plan

  • Getting shows

  • Music industry contacts

Costs: Inquire about availability and rate

Interim & music management

Besides his work as an artist manager Jasper is also involved in some other projects and businesses as well, like:


Royal Family RecordsJasper van den Dobbelsteen is managing director of Royal Family Records, a Dutch record company for americana, roots, (alt)country and southern sounding artists. This record label started in 2017, first to release albums by JW Roy. From 2018 on Royal Family Records also releases other acts like Malford Milligan.


ESNS - The Hidden Track is responsible for all (inter)national sponsor deals and sales of this international event. Eurosonic Noorderslag is the key exchange and networking platform for European music.


Into The Great Wide Open - Since day one The Hidden Track is involved in this beautiful Dutch festival on one of the Wadden Isles. First responsible for overal coördination, now The Hidden Track focusses mainly on (government) subsidies, editor in chief of the program-booklet (and selling advertisements), merchandise etc.

Dutch pop venuesConsultant for venues like EKKO, Cacaofabriek, ECI Cultuurfabriek, Axes Jazzpower


Board of Directors - Member of the Board of Directors of Stichting Rebel (Eva van Pelt) and of Stichting Judy Blank.

Useful articles and websites

On this page you can find a number of useful articles and websites that might be able to help you in departments such as marketing, streaming and publishing. 

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