Below you'll find a couple useful links in regards to marketing, publishing, streaming and more.



Writing a Marketing- and Publicity plan 
About: Promotion setup – promo campagne (in Dutch)

Level: amateur 

YouTube for artists: 10 ways to correctly publish your content
Link: Musicly
About: Promotion setup – YouTube (in Dutch)
Level: beginner


Green Light Go – Music Publicity

About: Nice blog about how to get press coverage, write a bio etc.
Level: amateur


How To Get Your Music Posted On Websites

Link: The Fader

About: Interesting article on how to approach serious blogs and websites
Level: skilled/professional





How to Fire Your Sync Agent & Make Some Serious Licensing Money
Read: Digital Music News
About: Must read before you sign your publishing contract. This article explains what syncs are, what your publishing agent can do for you and where a sync agent comes in play. Nice graphics. The article is a initiated by Songtradr so do not take their offer as the perfect solution, great insights anyway.

Level: skilled


Everything you need to know about publishing
About: Great Dutch article by artist manager Martijn Crama. About different deals, percentages, contract negotiations and expectations you can have of your publisher (in Dutch).

Level: amateur/skilled


Royalties & Publishing
Link: Muziek & Recht
About: About music publishing and it’s terminology. What are neighboring rights, a kickback, standard fees, title contracts etc. (in Dutch)

Level: amateur/skilled

DSP’s & streaming

5 Ways To Get On A Spotify Playlist
Link: Green Light Go
About: Basic training to prepare yourself to get more plays and introduce yourself to some playlists.
Level: rookie

3 Ways To Get More followers For Your Spotify Playlist
About: Basic Spotify knowledge how to promote your self curated playlist(s).
Level: rookie

Music business essentials

Eerste Hulp bij Plaatopnames
Link: Eerste Hulp bij Plaatopnames

About: Dutch newsletter by Niels Aalberts on various music biz topics.  Need to read when you’re an upcoming musician (in Dutch)

Level: skilled


Muzikantendag Academy
Link: Muzikantendag Academy

About: Global information about live shows, promotion, team around an artist, finance, rights etc (in Dutch)

Level: amateur

About: Global information about live shows, promotion, team around an artist, finance, rights etc. (in Dutch)

Level: amateur

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