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Newsletter Feb. 2019

- Mercy John releases his new album ‘Let It Go Easy'

- Judy Blank goes to SXSW (USA)

On February 22, the new album ‘Let It Go Easy’ by Mercy John was released through Butler and Music on Vinyl. Mercy John is going on an extensive tour.

The critically acclaimed debut This Ain’t New York opened many doors for Mercy John; numerous festival performances and a tour with JW Roy and Danny Vera. For a moment, it seemed to all be going a bit too fast, the endless energy and drive seemed to be limited, forcing John to face himself and his demons. His new album, which was released on February 22, was written during this period. However, this does not mean that it is a somber album, but an album on which he searches and discovers.

Listen to Let It Go Easy here:


Judy Blank goes to SXSW (USA)

Judy Blank is heading to Nashville and Austin to record and perform at SXSW

The coming month, Judy Blank will be staying in Nashville, TN (USA) to record new music. In March, she will be heading to Austin, TX to perform at the world’s largest showcase festival South By Southwest (SXSW). Judy Blank will be performing at numerous locations, one of which is at Edwin’s on March 12.


Official website:


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